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    “It is one of UCSB’s great privileges, and responsibilities, to operate a field station on Santa Cruz Island,”.… https://t.co/2peK6G1p5b
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    Here's fishy! @ucb Okanaban found genetic markers in sockeye salmon that can help improve fish stock mgmt practices https://t.co/hewCch2KFO
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    .@GGSEucsb teams w/ @Girlsincsb to engage 4th–6th graders in research activities with women scientists & engineers. https://t.co/EoZpWJ8rQW
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Medicine + Health

  • Researchers at UCSB, UCLA and UCI study a unique marine animal for insights into human vascular system
  • UCSB scientists provide proof of principle for safe, targeted delivery of drugs to the placenta during pregnancy
  • UCSB researchers reveal, to single-cell resolution, the network of circadian neurons that communicate to re-establish synchronization
  • PET scans of normal (left) and Alzheimer's (right) brains
    The documentary “Can Alzheimer’s be Stopped?” screens at UCSB’s Pollock Theater, followed by a panel discussion
  • A study by UCSB researchers shows people are capable of multiple, simultaneous life changes
  • UCSB psychologists studying empathy in couples find compassion is key; understanding alone isn’t enough