Science + Technology

  • Research conducted by UCSB scientists shows that the evolution of complex bioluminescent traits may be predictable
    Hawaiian Bobtail Squid
    A longstanding question among scientists is whether evolution is predictable. A team of researchers from UC Santa Barbara may have found a preliminary answer.
  • A UCSB geochemist studying Samoan volcanoes has found evidence of the planet’s early formation still trapped inside the Earth
  • D'Andrea balancing Cubli
    Will the growing sophistication of machines mean ultimate progress or make humanity obsolete?
  • Vermillion rockfish
    A new study shows Southern California oil platforms are some of the world’s most productive marine fish habitats
  • Sagittarius A-Star
    Is matter falling into the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way or being ejected from it?
  • DataONE combined bird occurrence data collected by citizen scientists with land-use data that enabled researchers to map more than 300 bird species


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