Science + Technology

  • With $65 million gift, business titan Charlie Munger invests in physics at UC Santa Barbara
    Charlie Munger, by AP Images
    Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger makes a $65 million gift — the largest donation in campus history — to UC Santa Barbara
  • Quad pod udnerwater camera
    With 13 scientific investigators and 10 partner institutions, the marine biodiversity observation network is the epitome of collaboration
  • Emperor Akihito will present the Order of Culture Medal to Shuji Nakamura at a ceremony at the Imperial Palace on November 3.
  • Dryland channel
    Shaped by flash flooding, desert streams have surprisingly simple topography with smooth, straight and symmetrical form
  • Hydraulic fracturing is a polarizing issue, one that will be addressed at the polls in several California counties
  • Hawaiian Bobtail Squid
    A longstanding question among scientists is whether evolution is predictable. A team of researchers from UC Santa Barbara may have found a preliminary answer.


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