Science + Technology

  • Results from a pair of studies show that pivotal response treatment is widely effective and can outperform other interventions in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder
    photo of teacher and child
    The successful Pivotal Response Treatment was developed at UCSB by autism experts Lynn and Robert Koegel
  • Bat stars (Patiria miniata)
    In a new study, scientists present a genomic and experimental analysis of the newly discovered virus prevalent in symptomatic sea stars
  • Immortal in the lab, pluripotent stem cells divide and grow indefinitely under the right conditions
  • Platelet-like nanoparticles (PLNs) can do what nature intended their human counterparts to do, and more
  • Biologist Thomas Weimbs, prominent scientist in kidney disease research, awarded $600K to further his work on the condition
  • Wheat field
    The world is gaining weight and becoming less healthy, and global dietary choices are harming the environment


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