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    Pre- and postdoctoral fellowships for research on Africa and African… https://t.co/pLtjHGcvHi #UCSB #ucsbgradpost
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    Earth science postdoc opportunity at National Science Foundation https://t.co/npbqvcJgEb #UCSB #ucsbgradpost
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    Postdoc fellowships in physical sciences, astronomy, and atmospheric… https://t.co/k80YIzjNgD #UCSB #ucsbgradpost
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    Join #BrenUCSB Frank Davis Monday for a “Science Pub” talk titled “A Plant’s-eye View of Climate Change in Californ… https://t.co/FhvXUTf6UC
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Science + Technology

  • The 2016 Ocean Health Index shows no major declines — and few real improvements
  • Researchers create a global map of soil pH and illuminate how it changes between wet and dry climates
  • UC Santa Barbara engineer Glenn Fredrickson has received the 2016 William H.
  • UCSB physicist and permanent KITP member Joseph Polchinski wins prestigious 2017 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
  • Researchers develop a simple processing technique that could cut the cost of organic photovoltaics and wearable electronics
  • A new technique reveals the mechanical environment of cells in their natural habitat — the living embryo


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