Science + Technology

  • UCSB researchers are participating in a multicampus UC collaboration to study how plants and animals respond to climate change
    Susan, Mazer, Frank Davis & Cherie Briggs
    UCSB scientists will use the UC Natural Reserve System to study the ecological impacts of climate change in California
  • According to UCSB researchers, everything you know about crowdfunding is wrong
  • Sheephead
    California sheephead play a vital role in the food web of kelp forests along the Pacific coast
  • Reeds, research and restoration
    A fire hazard and a terrible habitat for native wildlife, Arundo donax (giant reed) has squeezed out native species
  • Acropora latistella (Table coral)
    The initial findings of the Ocean Tipping Points collaboration analyze various factors affecting ocean ecosystems
  • O2:P regeneration ratios in the subsurface ocean
    Phytoplankton play an important role in governing elements contributing to the Earth’s ocean carbon cycle


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