• Alumni Jack and Kim Johnson team with UCSB’s Associated Students Food Bank and Department of Public Worms on new Edible Campus project to grow food on campus
    Jack and Kim Johnson
    With support for the Edible Campus project, alumni Jack and Kim Johnson are collaborating with UCSB students to address food security
  • The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) at UC Santa Barbara will hold a series of UC Success Nights April 21-30 to celebrate the academic success of UCSB’s EAOP...
  • An estimated 120 companies come to UCSB to recruit Gauchos in the campus’s biggest-ever Career Fair
  • Kim and Jack Johnson and UC Santa Barbara share a significant commonality: The Johnsons and UCSB are nationally recognized leaders in green and environmental initiatives.
  • What do the Aleutian Canadian goose, the Western gray wolf and the American crocodile have in common?
  • UCSB AS Food Bank
    Public forum seeks input and ideas from staff, students, faculty and community members for a sustainable food future