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  • Book artist and faculty member Harry Reese, with wife Sandra, wins big award from Book Club of California
  • The Santa Barbara Basin is an ideal natural laboratory for studying the global climate record on a variety of time scales
  • Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos
    The scholarly research journal — the only one of its kind — has found a new home at UCSB
  • UCSB policies and initiatives aim to discourage out-of-town visitors and ensure this year’s festivities are safe and homegrown

Visual Pick

  • UCSB's Cutting-Edge Greenhouses

    Current ongoing research would have been out of the question without the new state-of-the-art greenhouses

Featured Events

A Navy SEAL, best-selling author and Rhodes Scholar on overcoming obstacles with positive action.
8:00 pmApril 2
Yingxian Timber Pagoda, Shanxi Province, China, 1056
Buddhist art expert Kim, of Yale, on the Liao Pagodas in early 10th century China.
4:30 pmApril 7
UCSB Reads and Carsey-Wolf Center host special screening and Q&A with director Allison Anders
7:00 pmApril 8
A music department showcase featuring current and former graduate students playing jazz, classical and more.
5:00 pmApril 12

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A look inside UCSB's Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration
UCSB research on stuttering breaks new ground
Video highlights from Food from the Sea Summit