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  • School children having the touch-tank experience at UCSB's REEF
    Betty Elings Wells’ major gift to the REEF will fund improvements and enhance educational outreach programs
  • A new materials-based approach by Kaustav Banerjee yields a smaller, higher-performing alternative to the classic design
  • UCSB researchers collaborate to track commercial fishing worldwide in near real-time
  • Musicologist Aaron Fox working with Iñupiaq Warren Matumeak
    The Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Music fosters scholarship, and celebration, of music and sound

Visual Pick

  • Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve filled with debris after January 9, 2018 mudslide

    Mudslide debris inundated Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, creating research opportunities to study ecological recovery

Featured Events

Former International Space Station commander shares an astronaut's view of the world.
7:30 pmFebruary 26
The popular festival and fan favorite brings its annual World Tour for a two-night stay.
7:30 pmFebruary 27
Lauded New Yorker writer gives the talk, "Exodus: The Largest Movement of People since the Second World...
7:00 pmFebruary 28

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