Top News

  • UC President Janet Napolitano on the violence in Charlottesville
  • pilot boat and wake
    Thanks to MURI grants, UCSB mechanical engineers are working on refining and improving machines that move through air and water
  • Observations of a supernova colliding with a nearby companion star take UCSB astrophysicists by surprise
  • The world’s oceans possess vast, untapped potential for sustainable aquaculture, say UCSB marine scientists

Visual Pick

  • Spinner dolphin

    Marine biologists study the diets of dolphin species to understand their foraging habits and how they share ocean resources

  • Santa Cruz Island

    Peter Alagona’s Natural Reserve System History & Archive Project is preserving historical materials from UC reserves statewide

Featured Events

NASA image of solar eclipse
UCSB physics department hosts a viewing of the solar eclipse outside Broida Hall
9:00 amAugust 21
Andrew Tholl
Violinist, composer and improvisor Andrew Tholl and friends play a set of improvised chamber music.
3:30 pmAugust 17
The exhibition features winners of the annual competition at the intersection of art and science.
1:00 pmJuly 28 to January 25
Violinist Andrew Tholl opens the second annual festival with his experimental trio.
3:30 pmAugust 17

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