Top News

  • Researchers find that eyes originated in jellyfish multiple times, demonstrating how evolution produces complex visual organs
  • The Art, Design & Architecture Museum and impactmania present their inaugural collaboration
  • An early career award supports research on the deep workings of devices such as thermoelectric modules and photovoltaic cells
  • Association for the Sociology of Religion presents lifetime achievement award to professor emeritus Wade Clark Roof

Visual Pick

  • Carpinteria Salt Marsh

    Oceanographer uncovers the relationship between size and productivity in one of the world’s most complex ecosystems

Featured Events

  • The adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel was nominated for an Academy Award.
    7:30 pmJuly 25
  • This Oscar-winning animated feature about aspiring chef — and lovable rat — Remy is a delicious treat.
    7:30 pmAugust 1
  • This story of friendship between a boy and a robot from outer space is considered a classic of animation.
    7:30 pmAugust 8
  • Wesley Arai, associate carillonist from UC Berkeley, plays from atop Storke Tower.
    2:00 pmAugust 12

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