Top News

  • UCSB scholars develop a mathematical model to clarify how truth wins or loses in social groups
  • Biologist Douglas McCauley studies the pros and cons of virtual and augmented reality in teaching environmental science
  • UCSB’s 2017 Argyropoulos Lecture examines authenticity in representations of Greek history and culture
  • IHC’s new series examines social issues that resonate with scholars, students and global community

Visual Pick

  • The seven natural reserves administered by UCSB represent California’s diverse ecosystems and serve as living laboratories for research and education.
  • Humpback whale breaching

    Benioff Ocean Initiative awards first grants for project to curtail collisions between ships and whales

Featured Events

Peter Norvig
Google’s director of research on “Creating Software with Machine Learning.”
3:30 pmOctober 25
Graduate Division series aims to promote campus conversations around diversity
Graduate Division series promoting dialogue around diversity on campus continues through Oct. 30.
11:00 amOctober 10 to October 30
Abalone Virgin Mary
An exhibition exploring art and religion in Chumash and Spanish traditions in the early Mission period.
12:00 pmSeptember 16 to December 8
Iridescent Tongues thumbnail
Artist Khushboo Kataria Gulati draws from intimate rituals and conversations.
8:00 amSeptember 25 to December 15

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