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  • Jellyfish
    An NCEAS study predicts that climate change will cause significant reshuffling of marine biodiversity
  • Researcher receives $549,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop a game that trains players to detect deception
  • Marine-terraced coastline
    Sea-level records for the Pacific coast indicate that uplift rates are overestimated by 40 percent
  • UCSB anthropologist explores cattle raising in the Amazon and the tensions between conservation and development

Visual Pick

  • Take a tour of the improved UCSB website, now mobile-friendly and with easier navigation to help you find your favorite pages.

  • UCSB’s Experimental Cosmology Group graphically demonstrates its DE-STAR system.

    An astrophysics research group experimentally confirms its theories about the manipulation of asteroids and photon propulsion

Featured Events

Recent acquisitions by the Art, Design & Architecture Museum explore narratives of art and architecture
10:00 amSeptember 12 to December 6
The group that blends funk, jazz, rock and hip-hop with rock-star swagger returns to Santa Barbara.
8:00 pmSeptember 18
The award-winning author tells the human side of the Wright Brothers’ story.
8:00 pmOctober 1

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