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  • UCSB, UC Santa Barbara, convocation, students
    With pomp and fanfare, UCSB continued its tradition of welcoming freshmen and new transfer students
  • Soft Matter cover
    Math plays an decisive role in the discovery and development of new ideas — often behind the scenes
  • Researchers find that ionic liquids have major potential in the disinfection and healing of chronic wounds

Visual Pick

  • The Worster Summer Research Program

    If students wrote essays about what they did during vacation, this year’s Worster Summer Research Fellows would have amazing stories to tell

  • Thousands of students and their families took the next big step in their lives as Move-In Weekend brought new and returning students to the UCSB campus.

Featured Events

500 Days of Summer promo
A screening and Q&A with screenwriter Scott Neustadter kicks off fourth season of Script to Screen series
2:00 pmOctober 12
Raffaello D'Andrea
The innovator, entrepreneur, artist and scholar on "Feedback Control and the Coming Machine Revolution"
4:00 pmOctober 13
Robert Arneson's sculpture Ear Brick
A show of handcrafted sculptures at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum
12:00 pmSeptember 12 to December 12

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