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  • Industrial ecologist Roland Geyer measures the production, use and fate of all the plastics ever made

  • Roland Knapp works to recover frog population in the Sierras

    Biologist Roland Knapp and colleagues work to restore a once-vanishing frog population in the Sierras

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The next installment of the free summer film series sees 007 uncover a biological warfare scheme.
7:30 pmAugust 2
The exhibition features winners of the annual competition at the intersection of art and science.
1:00 pmJuly 28 to January 25
Carillonist David Christensen of UC Riverside in concert atop Storke Tower.
1:00 pmJuly 30
Violinist Andrew Tholl opens the second annual festival with his experimental trio.
3:30 pmAugust 17

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