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    Trio of @UCSB_Volleyball standouts sweep the @BigWestWVB weekly awards. Congrats Lindsey, Emi, and Nicole! READ >>… https://t.co/dsaQNsG0K2
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    .@UCSB_Baseball ranked a top-40 program nationwide in @d1baseball's 2017 rankings! READ >>> https://t.co/LmVHo4MSL8… https://t.co/Q5wkbhBnm9
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  • The old adage also applies to residents of Southern California, where earthquakes are a regular occurrence
  • UCSB’s fall season features an inspiring and diverse mix of artistic gems
  • Biochemist Alison Butler is lauded for “elucidating the bioinorganic chemistry of the marine environment”
  • Researchers explore technologies to monitor large-scale, giant kelp farms designed to provide a novel energy source

Visual Pick

  • The seven natural reserves administered by UCSB represent California’s diverse ecosystems and serve as living laboratories for research and education.
  • Mississippian mound

    A book edited by a UCSB scholar takes a fresh look at the emergence of Native American Mississippian civilization

Featured Events

Iridescent Tongues thumbnail
Artist Khushboo Kataria Gulati draws from intimate rituals and conversations.
8:00 amSeptember 25 to December 15
The UCSB Economic Forecast Project to present Santa Barbara County Community Indicators Report
3:00 pmSeptember 26
Lila Downs
The Grammy-winning world music superstar is known for her vocal range and synthesis of styles.
8:00 pmSeptember 27
Abalone Virgin Mary
An exhibition exploring art and religion in Chumash and Spanish traditions in the early Mission period.
12:00 pmSeptember 16 to December 8

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Hijabs for beginners; Secret Life of Muslims
Hijabs for beginners; Secret Life of Muslims
Roland Knapp works to recover frog population in the Sierras
Roland Knapp works to recover frog population in the Sierras