Top News

  • UCSB scholars develop a mathematical model to clarify how truth wins or loses in social groups
  • Biologist Douglas McCauley studies the pros and cons of virtual and augmented reality in teaching environmental science
  • UCSB’s 2017 Argyropoulos Lecture examines authenticity in representations of Greek history and culture
  • IHC’s new series examines social issues that resonate with scholars, students and global community

Visual Pick

  • The seven natural reserves administered by UCSB represent California’s diverse ecosystems and serve as living laboratories for research and education.
  • Humpback whale breaching

    Benioff Ocean Initiative awards first grants for project to curtail collisions between ships and whales

Featured Events

Ricardo Lemvo performs his innovative blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms and Pan-Africa styles.
7:30 pmOctober 20
A closer look at AD&AM's fall exhibitions with curators Elyse Gonzales, Diva Zumaya and Margaret...
12:00 pmOctober 21
Peter Norvig
Google’s director of research on “Creating Software with Machine Learning.”
3:30 pmOctober 25
Graduate Division series aims to promote campus conversations around diversity
Graduate Division series promoting dialogue around diversity on campus continues through Oct. 30.
11:00 amOctober 10 to October 30