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  • Shuji Nakamura, who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, is named a 2015 Global Energy Prize Laureate
  • DNA nanotubes
    Scientists use DNA nanotechnology to position silver clusters at programmed sites on a nanoscale breadboard
  • His selection brings to 34 the number of UCSB faculty members who have been named fellows of the academy
  • Before Deepwater Horizon, scientists didn’t know that oil and marine snow had anything to do with each other

Visual Pick

  • Daniel Hieber wins UCSB's 3rd annual Grad Slam.

    Daniel Hieber's three-minute talk about the once-extinct language of Chitimacha made him the winner of UCSB’s third Grad Slam competition

  • Jack and Kim Johnson

    With support for the Edible Campus project, alumni Jack and Kim Johnson are collaborating with UCSB students to address food security

Featured Events

A conversation with the groundbreaking dance icon, now 94, follows a screening of Breath Made Visible
7:30 pmApril 27
Fletcher Benton portrait
Exhibition examines, honors artistic process of the celebrated California sculptor
5:00 pmJanuary 17 to May 1

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