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UC Santa Barbara Chapter of Phi Kappa Inducts 135 New Members

Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 17:00
Santa Barbara, CA

Faculty members at UC Santa Barbara have inducted 135 high-achieving seniors into the UCSB chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest honorary academic society.

Earning special honors were Dana Nakase of Roseville; Megan Krattli of Simi Valley; and Rebecca Loman of Ventura.

Nakase, a biological sciences major, was awarded the Katherine Esau Phi Beta Kappa Honor Key.

Named in memory of a distinguished UCSB biology professor, the award is given to a student whose academic achievement, breadth of program, and seriousness of purpose best represent the ideals of the society.

Krattli received the William Frost Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Key, given to an English major who has demonstrated the highest level of academic excellence.

The award was established to honor the late UCSB English professor for his contributions to improving the quality of a liberal arts education.

Loman, a history major, was presented the Lawrence Willson Phi Beta Kappa Honor Key, which is given to a Regents Scholar who best represents the overall ideals of the society.

It is named in memory of Willson, a UCSB professor of English and founder of the campus chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 and currently includes more than 500,000 members.

A list of UCSB students who were inducted in Phi Beta Kappa last month follows:

Amara Jade Allenstein, Women's Studies & Law & Society

Max Peter Anders, Sociology

Shea Everett Antrim, Anthropology & Psychology

Brian D Bargiel, Global Studies

Brandon Robert Bell, Biological Sciences

Phoebe Catherine Boone, History & French

Holly Ann Botano, Religious Studies

Briana G. Brickley, English & Black Studies

Heather Ann Buchheim, Global Studies

Karly Ann Burch, Global Studies

Sarah Noel Burke-Gorewitz, Communication & Sociology

Rose Allison Burt, English & Political Science

Angelina Marie Carmignani, Law & Society

Sarah Anne Clement, English

Benjamin Hampton Cloyd, Biological Sciences

Edouard Clement De Courreges, History

Natasha Shanika De Silva, Psychology & English

Natalie Susan Degnan, Anthropology

Shannon Elizabeth Denatale, Psychology & Italian Studies

Eric L Denovellis, Mathematics Philosophy

Alan Joseph Donato, Political Science

Emily A Donner, Communication & Psychology

Jessica Celeste Dyer, Mathematics

Lauren Whiston Eardensohn, Italian Studies & Political Science

Robert Anthony Eggers, Religious Studies

Hassan Riad Elhaj, Political Science

Derek Wayne Enns, Chemistry


Farley, English & Law & Society

Thomas John Flowers, History

Jonathan James Forbes, English

Catherine Marie Foss, English

Megan Elizabeth Fowler, Anthropology & History

Emily Kathleen Garcia, English & Global Studies

Michael Galen Gibbs, Cell & Developmental Biology


E Gibson, Global Studies & Art

Hayley Lauren Gillooly, Political Science

David Israel Green, BioPsychology

Meaghan K. Green, English

Kasey Lee Hanna, Spanish & Psychology

Emily Jeanne Harbert, Biological Sciences

Aurora Harmony Harshner, Global Studies & French

Marcia Marie Hathaway, Chemistry &Spanish

Natalie Ruth Herendeen, Global Studies

Caitlin Elizabeth Hill, Biological Sciences

Michael Paul Hofstetter, Spanish

Diane Elizabeth Holland, English

Andrew James Hollister, Political Science & BioChemistry

Steven Richard Jefferson, BioChemistry

Elizabeth Anne Johnson, Biological Sciences

Nathan Thomas Jones, English & Spanish

Ashley Ann Jones, Environmental Studies

Amy Elizabeth Jordan, Medieval Studies


Kapur, Environmental Studies & Political Science

Adam Robert Katz, Mathematical Sciences

Alison Rose Kauffman, English

Elizabeth Celeste Kersey, Global Studies

Elyse Michelle Klein, Political Science

Dmitriy P Kolodin, Biological Sciences

Megan Maureen Krattli, English & French

Laura Alexis Kutner, Anthropology & Spanish

Corrina Katherine Laughlin, Religious Studies & English

Stephanie Katherine Leland, Political Science

Lauren Rose Anna Leyva, History

Rebecca Beth Lockitch Loman, History

Gabriel Alfredo Lopez, Spanish & Cell & Developmental Biology

Amanda Alexis Macqueen, Political Science & History

Stephanie Lynn Malcolm, Psychology

Kathryn Lee Mallory, English

Justin Alan Matson, Film Studies

Robin Laura McClelland, Communication & Psychology

Megan Christine McQueeney, Environmental Studies & Economics

Maureen Danielle Mercure, Psychology

Matthew Stanhope Mewhinney, Japanese

Dustin J Miller, English & Psychology

Ilissa Lynn Mira, English & Psychology

Justin Bijan Molavi, Financial Mathematics & Statistics

Michael C Morell, Biological Sciences

Samantha Conway Morgan, English

Shawn Aleksander Moura, History

Monique Rene Moyal, English & French

Dana Kozue Nakase, Biological Sciences

Shyam Natarajan, Japanese & Computer Engineering

Jason Joseph Nossiter, Political Science

John David Oneill, Classics

Joanna Claire Ortega, Global Studies

Alessandra Caterina Osipova Spanish

Heather Ashley Paff, Classics

Megan Elizabeth Pankratz, Japanese

Tessa Lorimer Perry, Political Science

Natalie Zelda Pollak, Global Studies & Psychology

Kerry Suzanne Porter, Global Studies

Richard Lawrence Poythress, Political Science

Emily Lisbeth Preiss, Global Studies

Molly S Prentiss, Global Studies

Zlatina Andreeva Radeva, Psychology


Rampini, Environmental Studies

Leslie Austin Regan, Environmental Studies

Jane Katherine Corbett Richardson, Geography & Business Economics

Katie Lauren Robinette, BioPsychology

Daniel Manuel Romero, Political Science & Spanish

Daniel Ian Romotsky, Financial Mathematics & Statistics

Samuel Benjamin Rosenthal, Creative Studies-Literature & Physics

Katherine Jeanne Rushton, Linguistics

Katerina Gueorguie Sakelarieva, Global Studies & Italian Studies

Karen B Saks, Biological Sciences

Amber Siobhan Sandoval-Griffin, English & Spanish

Michelle Nicole Sawyer, English

Gina J. Sbragia, Psychology

Mark Aidan Scaife, Biological Sciences

Irina Agnes Schabram, Communication & German

Erica Frances Schley, Global Studies

Melody Rose Anna Serra, French & Biological Sciences

Benjamin Karol Sheldon-Tarzynski, History & Classics


Sinha, Law & Society

Matthew Bingham Smith, Comparative Literature & French

Jared Thomas Smith, English

Ariella R Sneh, Classics


Solouki, BioChemistry

Heather Ann Stenson, Spanish & Political Science

Megan Anne Sullivan, Music & Psychology

Adam Friedman Tartakovsky, Global Studies & Environmental Studies

Lesley M Toch, Linguistics

Lisa S Toran, BioPsychology


Torres, Psychology

Benjamin Chapin Trumble, Anthropology & Psychology

Ashley Marie Trygar, English

Maria Belen Vaccaro, Global Studies & Communication & French

Kristina Elizabeth Vogt, Psychology & Art

Stephanie Meta Wahl, BioPsychology

Scott Porter Walls, Hydrologic Sciences

Jessamyn Arnell Wead, Anthropology & Latin American & Iberian Studies

David Dara Weafer, Law & Society

Rachel Lynn Weight, Global Studies & Spanish

Jamie S White, Anthropology

Colin Mathew Whiting, Geography & History

Katherine Clara Wyles, Environmental Studies