Top News

  • Book from Pulitzer Prize finalist Luis Alberto Urrea uses humor to tackle borders, immigration and family
  • Researchers create a global map of soil pH and illuminate how it changes between wet and dry climates
  • Researchers develop a simple processing technique that could cut the cost of organic photovoltaics and wearable electronics
  • Gala Committee
    A UCSB scholar’s collaborative project on a ‘Melrose Place’ getting a new moment in the sun

Visual Pick

  • From the Pacific to the pines, UCSB’s KSN Rancho Marino Reserve in Cambria is an astounding display of ecological diversity and abundance
  • UCSB physicist and permanent KITP member Joseph Polchinski wins prestigious 2017 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

Featured Events

The world-renowned all-singing, all-plucking ukulele superstars in a special holiday show.
8:00 pmDecember 15
An exhibition of original helmets, photographs and WWI artifacts in the UCSB Library Mountain Gallery.
8:00 amNovember 8 to March 23
Underwater cave explorer and environmental anthropologist presents “The Risky Science of Exploration.”
3:00 pmJanuary 8

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