People Management Series

New UC certificate program helps managers and aspiring managers hone their leadership skills

Managers, supervisors and those aspiring to lead and manage people can enhance their management skills through the new UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate program

Designed for UC staff the program covers an array of topics, including performance management, managing people, administration and operations, change management and communications. 

Among the career career benefits for those who complete the series are increased baseline skills for people managers and increased opportunities for promotion and potential for future leadership positions.

The program consists of core and elective courses, which include easily accessible, self-paced local and systemwide eCourses as well as in-person learning experiences. All courses are available through the UC Learning Center.  

To earn the certificate, employees must complete 10 core courses and at least four elective courses covering the four competency areas. The elective courses are a combination of in-person and online courses. All courses are available through the UC Learning Center. 

In addition, those who have completed the certificate are eligible to attend the UC People Management Conference Aug. 1-3 in Los Angeles. The conference will bring together leaders from across UC who have completed the People Management Certificate Program, the Management Development Program, or the UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative.

The goal of the conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with each other, to learn about current topics and share best practices and to continue learning about leadership within the UC system.

More information about certificate program, including related resources, is available at the UC People Management Series and Certificate or through the campus’s Learning and Development team at

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