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Singing Their Praises

The Professional Women’s Association recognizes seven ‘Unsung Heroines’
Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 17:15
Santa Barbara, CA

Unsung Heroines2.jpg

Unsung Heroines

Photo Credit: 

Sonia Fernandez

The Professional Women’s Association (PWA) recognized seven staff members for their ongoing commitment to university’s mission and to enhancing the campus community and environment. The Unsung Hero/ine Awards were presented at the PWA’s 19th Annual Professional Development Conference.

This year’s recipients included (l. to r.) Ashley Thompson, business officer in the Department of Black Studies; Griselda Sanchez, Early Academic Outreach Program college site coordinator, Rio Mesa High School; Susanne Perkin, assistant dean of students; Venus Nasri, business officer and operations manager for Campus Learning Assistance Services; Lisa Murphy, UCSB Police Department property officer; Catalina Mendiola, Early Academic Outreach Program college site coordinator, South High School, Kern County; and Tania Dunson, business officer for the Department of Communication.

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Andrea Estrada
(805) 893-4620