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Safety First

New lab coats and protective eyewear are to be distributed to roughly 1,300 researchers and lab workers on campus.
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 15:15
Santa Barbara, CA

The distribution of personal protective equipment got underway today at Corwin Pavilion. The distribution is a three day event where researchers and lab workers on campus receive upgraded lab coats and eye protection —free of charge — as part of new UC-wide safety regulations.

Staff, faculty and students showed up over the lunch hours to fulfill the new requirements, first getting fitted for the appropriate lab coat, and then picking up protective eye gear. Roughly 1,300 people made advance appointments, and according to UCSB Environmental Health & Safety Director David Vandenberg, so far it has been smooth sailing.

The distribution event is part of the campus’s compliance with a new set of policies that tighten the rules around lab safety systemwide. The new rules also require safety training in the lab and restrictions on minors in the laboratory. In addition to receiving lab coats, the recipients will also be enrolled in a free laundry service for them.

The event continues through Thursday, Feb. 13.

For more information, contact David Vandenberg at (805) 893-4899 or david.vandenberg@ehs.ucsb.edu, or visit http://ehs.ucsb.edu/ppe/ppe.htm

To take the lab hazard assessment online, click for the Lab Hazard Assessment tool

For questions about the online Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool contact the UC Enterprise Risk Management service desk at erm@ucop.edu, or one of the following:

Hector Acuna at hector.acuna@ehs.ucsb.edu — Animal Resource Center; CA Nanosystems Institute; Geography; Psychology

Jamie Bishop at jamie.bishop@ehs.ucsb.edu — Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; Neuroscience Research Institute

Jim Castro at jim.casto@ehs.ucsb.edu — Mechanical Engineering; Physics

Alessandro Moretto at moretto@chem.ucsb.edu — Chemistry & Biochemistry; Chemical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Materials

Nelly Traitcheva at nelly.traitcheva@ehs.ucsb.edu — Anthropology; Bren School of Environmental Science & Management; Earth Science; Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology, Marine Science Institute




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