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Smoke- and Tobacco-Free UCSB

Use of tobacco products is banned on all UC campuses
Friday, January 3, 2014 - 12:45
Santa Barbara, CA

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Smoke-Free UCSB

Signs around campus remind faculty, staff, students and visitors that UCSB is now a tobacco-free environment.

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George Foulsham

Beginning Jan. 1, all UC campuses, labs and centers are smoke and tobacco free. The new policy demonstrates UC’s commitment to providing a healthy environment for faculty and staff members, students and visitors.

At UCSB, the use of all tobacco products — smokeless or otherwise — is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor spaces managed by the campus. That includes smoking (cigarettes, pipes, water pipes and hookahs), smokeless tobacco (snuff, snus and chew) and unregulated nicotine products such as e-cigarettes.

“A smoke-free and tobacco-free environment will save lives and improve the health of our community," said Chancellor Henry T. Yang. "We thank you for not smoking or using any tobacco products on campus.” 

More information about the policy, including the full text, is available at http://tobaccofree.ucsb.edu/policy. The site also provides information about resources for those who want to kick the tobacco habit.