Happy Employees, Happy University

UC Santa Barbara has been ranked among the Top 25 universities to work for in an online survey.

UC Santa Barbara has been recognized as one of the best university employers in the country. Glassdoor, a jobs and career community that offers an inside look at companies through postings by employees and others, ranked UCSB Number 23 in its list of the Top 25 Universities to Work For (2013).

The universities were rated by the employees themselves. The employee respondents evaluated their university employers on such diverse factors and situations as: a healthy work-life balance; a stimulating environment; opportunities to collaborate; engaged staff members who are proud of their university’s environment and reputation; a strong focus on professional development; ability to attract talented staff; high integrity work policy; a great culture; feeling valued by administrators; research opportunities; attractiveness of the campus; and great location.

For the full story, go to the UCSB GradPost.

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