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  • Matilija Creek before and after the Thomas Fire and subsequent debris flows
    Researchers investigate the combined effect of drought and fire on stream communities
  • UC Santa Barbara’s unique location offers protection from wildfires
  • Climate and fire model suggests that Western wildfires will intensify for roughly a decade before experiencing a gradual decline
  • Researchers investigate the complex factors that will fuel the wildfires of the 21st century
  • Economist tallies up the healthcare costs associated with wildfire smoke
  • Datasets show worsening California wildfires are part of a long-term trend
  • Researchers will lead UC-wide collaborative project on wildfires
  • California has two fire problems, and they’re very different
  • Researchers show that when it comes to climate change and stream flow, plants play an important role
  • Many fire scientists would like Smokey Bear to hang up his prevention motto in favor of tools like thinning and prescribed burns
  • a video of the aftermath of the fire at UCSB's Coal Oil Point Reserve
    a video of the aftermath of the fire at UCSB's Coal Oil Point Reserve
    One person's wildfire is another person's research opportunity.
  • video still of swirling embers during Tea Fire
    "Burn Cycle," an exhibition by artist and curator Ethan Turpin, depicts the many aspects of living with seasonal wildfires
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