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  • Watering holes bring together wildlife, and their parasites, on the plains of Africa
  • Researchers propose a framework for evaluating the impacts of climate change on California’s water and energy systems
  • Scientists predict more extreme heavy flood events over the Sierra Nevadas under future climate warming
  • Researchers investigate how forests are changing in response to global warming
  • The Climate Hazards Center receives funding for two large projects to address water and food insecurity in Africa
  • Researchers explores how to meet water demands during drought years
  • Researchers assess the impacts of drought and climate change on small mountain streams
  • Philanthropist, water research advocate Henry (Sam) Wheeler, Jr., was key supporter of Bren School's Urban Water Environment project.
  • Rear Admiral Len Hering
    The 5th Annual Central Coast Sustainability Summit at UCSB addresses renewable energy and sustainable water management
  • Matt O'Carroll and Jewel Snavely
    Recycled-water irrigation, new lab technology and outreach efforts will help UCSB achieve major water savings by March 2016
  • researchers in the data component
    Researchers receive funding to deploy a new way to measure groundwater use and to help deal with the state’s water crisis
  • Robert Wilkinson lecture
    Sustainability practitioners from across the region convened at UCSB for 4th annual summit
  • “Water (we going to do?)” is a lecture series aimed at the UCSB and local communities
  • A longstanding commitment to water conservation positions the campus remarkably well to ride out the drought
  • Rising temperatures and protracted drought portend trouble for ecosystems, industries, people
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