UCSB Library Special Research Collections

  • An Edison Diamond Disc on an Edison Disc Phonograph

    NEH grant supports UCSB Library’s effort to digitally transcribe recordings from Thomas Edison's record label

  • The Pacific Pride Foundation donates its archives to the UCSB Library to help preserve history of the local LGBTQ+ movement

  • The UCSB Library presents an exhibit that explores the scientific discoveries of legendary botanist Sir Joseph Banks

  • Alicia Escalante, who led the fight for justice and dignity in the turbulent 1960s, has donated her papers to UCSB

  • Lois Capps papers at UCSB Library

    Newly retired U.S. Congresswoman Lois Capps donates her papers to UCSB Library Department of Special Research Collections

  • UCSB Library exhibit explores the past, present and future of Isla Vista

  • UCSB’s “We Remember Them” exhibition garners a Leadership in History award

    UCSB’s “We Remember Them” exhibition and May 23, 2014 Isla Vista Archive garner Leadership in History award

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