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  • Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserves gets $1 million gift to support students, research, infrastructure
  • Translocating frogs to lakes where disease wiped out previous populations may be key to recovery for endangered species
  • Close-up of a Baetis, a benthic invertebrate
    By studying deep and shallow water zones of streams and their resident invertebrates, researcher reveals mysteries of fresh water life
  • Roland Knapp works to recover frog population in the Sierras
    Roland Knapp works to recover frog population in the Sierras
    Biologist Roland Knapp and colleagues work to restore a once-vanishing frog population in the Sierras
  • UCSB biologist Roland Knapp and colleagues detail the remarkable recovery of an endangered frog species in Yosemite
  • Mountain yellow-legged frog
    A team that includes UCSB biologists partners to rescue endangered frogs and put them on road to recovery
  • UCSB at SNARL Page Center exterior
    The Kate and Paul Page Research and Learning Center at SNARL is now open for business; namesake donors helped conceive the project
  • UCSB Library hydration stations
    More than $184,000 is granted to 14 planned projects meant to bolster sustainability and greening efforts across campus
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