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Sara Poot-Herrera

  • Sara Poot-Herrera receives major honor in Mexico
  • Two books co-edited by UCSB scholars explore Latin America from critical perspectives
  • Sara Poot-Herrera receives multiple honors in Mexico for her contributions to literature in the country
  • David Huerta
    UC Santa Barbara 22nd Mexican Literary Colloquium examines the interplay of art, context and interpretation
  • UCSB’s 21st Mexican Literary Colloquium journeys into a mystical world that stirs the imagination
  • UCSB Spanish professor earns international award for her expertise in Mexican literature and culture
  • 20th Mexican Literary Colloquium at UCSB takes its metaphorical cue from a missing 19th-century cannon
  • Sara Poot-Herrera, professor of Spanish and Portuguese and director of UC-Mexicanistas at UC Santa Barbara, has been elected a corresponding member of the Mexican Academy of Language, a cultural organization that aims to maintain the purity of...

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