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renewable energy

  • A new web tool will enable anyone to quickly analyze a region’s potential for renewable energy development
  • India has an ambitious plan for developing more renewable energy; researchers say the country can aim even higher
  • Researchers have a bold proposal to tackle one of the biggest barriers to more renewable energy
  • Research in 60 Seconds with chemical engineer Michelle O'Malley
    Research in 60 Seconds with chemical engineer Michelle O'Malley
    Could animals' gut microbes lead to new sustainable fuels and chemicals? Michelle O'Malley explains her research in 60 seconds
  • UCSB mechanical engineer develops ways to improve windfarm productivity
  • When advocating for renewable energy policies, context is king, says political scientist Leah Stokes
  • Rear Admiral Len Hering
    The 5th Annual Central Coast Sustainability Summit at UCSB addresses renewable energy and sustainable water management
  • Faculty, staff and students gather on the roof of Parking Structure 22 to celebrate the campus’s newest solar array
  • The Energy Leadership Lecture takes place at 5 p.m. on March 6 at UCSB's Pollock Theatre.
  • The panelists each gave their perspectives on the challenges of managing fracking operations.
  • The Third Annual Central Coast Sustainability Summit focuses on building the foundations and sharing best practices for promoting sustainable practices in four areas: economic development, product stewardship and extended producer responsibility,...
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