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remote sensing

  • Researchers use remote sensing and field observations to paint a clearer picture of giant kelp dynamics
  • A machine learning breakthrough uses satellite images to improve lives
  • Remote sensing of trees offers an effective way to monitor groundwater along river corridors in the Southwest
  • Researchers investigate the variability of gas prices in Santa Barbara County
  • Senator Beck Basin
    Snow hydrologist Ned Bair is part of SnowEx, a NASA field campaign to improve the measurement of water held in the snowpack
  • Geography professor Dar Roberts has been named a fellow of the American Geophysical Union
  • Ethiopian wheat field
    CHIRPS relates space-based rainfall observations to current and historical ground-based rainfall data
  • UC Santa Barbara has a long and venerable history with China. When the first post-revolutionary students were allowed to leave China in the 1980s to study in the United States, five of them came to the campus’s Department of Geography.

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