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  • Study finds people put party over policy in dealing with pandemic
  • Legislators at every level are rejecting compromise — even when it favors them; a scholar’s book looks at why it’s happening
  • Panelists at kickoff discussion for 2019-2020 Feminist Futures Initiative

    A standing-room only crowd gathered in UC Santa Barbara’s McCune Conference Room to hear a panel of experts explore the question, ‘Why do white women vote for Trump?’

  • In general, Democrats and Republicans agree about climate change — they just don’t realize it
  • Scholars put the current political and social climate in some historical context
  • New research reveals why Americans of both parties disapprove of Congress
  • Researchers collaborate to track commercial fishing worldwide in near real-time
  • Opinions about climate change are more varied among Republicans than political leaders suggest
  • Scholar is lauded by the American Political Science Association for her book highlighting race, gender and political leadership
  • A UCSB scholar’s book examines the presidential election through the lens of psychoanalysis
  • 4th Annual UCSB Environment Politics Conference to focus on interdisciplinary approach to solving Earth’s problems
  • Lecture series at UCSB explores how culture and politics shape and constrain women’s ownership of their own biology
  • In her new book, “The Marrying Kind? Debating Same-Sex Marriage within the Lesbian and Gay Movement,” sociology professor Verta Taylor examines arguments within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) movement in support of — and in...
  • Christopher McMahon, a professor of philosophy at UC Santa Barbara, has a new take on disagreements –– particularly those that are political in nature.

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