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political science

  • Study finds conditions at home drive Syrian refugees’ decisions to return
  • Scholars’ book examines how to better advocate for evidence-based approaches to education policy
  • ‘A Citizens Guide to Fake News’ and ‘The American Presidency Project’ at UC Santa Barbara see sharp increases in viewership
    ‘A Citizens Guide to Fake News’ and ‘The American Presidency Project’ see sharp increases in viewership
  • Opinions about climate change are more varied among Republicans than political leaders suggest
  • Professor Neil Narang completes a prestigious fellowship at the Pentagon advising senior officials on nuclear proliferation
  • Political scientist plays an important role in decoding American opinions about climate change
  • UCSB scholar to discuss resistance and protest in the age of President Trump
  • Confucius Institute’s conference on U.S.-China economic relations delves into a hot topic
  • Lois Capps papers at UCSB Library
    Newly retired U.S. Congresswoman Lois Capps donates her papers to UCSB Library Department of Special Research Collections
  • Political scientist Pei-te Lien provides a comprehensive survey of women, men of color elected to public office
  • Benjanim Cohen examines the meaning, sources, uses and limits of power in international political economy
  • “I couldn’t have paid for something like this.” That’s what one grateful graduate student said of her participation in Crossroads, a yearlong, multifaceted interdisciplinary research...

  • While the Cold War has most commonly been associated with Europe –– think the former Soviet Union –– and the United States, East Asia has served as what scholars refer to as a critical second front.

  • The Hon. Kazuhiko Togo, formerly Japan's ambassador to the Netherlands, will join the department of political science at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in January as the Public Policymaker-in-Residence for the current academic year...

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