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Nelson Lichtenstein

  • Scholars examine the legacies of the landmark suite of programs and reforms
  • Historian Nelson Lichtenstein to deliver the annual Faculty Research Lecture
  • Academic Senate honors history professor Nelson Lichtenstein as Faculty Research Lecturer for 2019
  • Scholars put the current political and social climate in some historical context
  • A conference at UCSB will re-examine the impact and legacy of the New Deal
  • Low-wage workers in the Santa Barbara area are not reaping the benefits of an improved economy, UCSB study shows
  • The ideals of the statement — particularly “participatory democracy” — continue to inform popular movements across the world.
  • UCSB history and Black Studies scholars discuss the historical accuracy — and importance — of the Oscar-nominated film ‘Selma.'
  • The global supply chain brought the marketplace into the 21st century, but conditions in many parts of the world remain unenlightened.
  • In two recently published books, Lichtenstein, the MacArthur Foundation Professor in History and director of the campus's Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy, helps animate the public discourse on a set of vital contemporary issues...
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