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Naked Shakes

  • Theater group Naked Shakes stages the Shakespeare classic with present-day parallels
  • Naked Shakes to perform Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” live and outdoors
  • Octavius, Brutus, Cassius, Enobarbus, Immortal Longings
    Naked Shakes to perform ‘Immortal Longings,’ an adaption of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ ‘Antony and Cleopatra’
  • Naked Shakes production reveals how “The Winter’s Tale” resonates today
  • Hamlet, Naked Shakes
    UC Santa Barbara’s Naked Shakes theater company to perform “Hamlet” with a woman as the Prince of Denmark
  • UCSB’s Naked Shakes to perform ‘The Death of Kings’ — all eight of Shakespeare’s histories adapted into two plays
  • Eight histories by William Shakespeare converge in an epic two-play adaptation performed by UCSB’s Naked Shakes
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