Michael Gurven

  • Anthropologists find a mother’s social status improves her children’s health

  • Scholars study the effects of pregnancy on hookworm infections in indigenous women in the Bolivian Amazon

  • How the holidays bring out the better angels of our nature, according to evolutionary anthropology

  • Researchers find a new way to explain population differences in personality structure among humans

  • Periodic catastrophes are key to explaining incongruences in population growth over human evolutionary history

  • A new paper stresses the importance of ecological thinking and diverse study samples to improve psychological science

  • Two indigenous populations give UCSB anthropologists a glimpse into how diet — and western eating habits — impact health and wellbeing

    Two indigenous populations offer a glimpse into how diet — and western eating habits — impact health and wellbeing

  • Belief that good health is beyond their control — not lack of education — deters some indigenous populations from seeking medical care

    Self-efficacy — not education — plays the greater role in indigenous people's decisions to access modern healthcare

  • Tsimane Family

    Forager-farmer population provides valuable clues to the impact of industrialization on life and health

  • 80-year-old Tsimane have the same arterial age as Americans in their mid-fifties

    Study finds 80-year-old indigenous forager-farmers have the same arterial age as Americans in their mid-50s

  • Study co-authored by a UCSB researcher reveals Latinos age slower, neutralizing higher health risks of obesity and diabetes

  • UCSB researchers examine the uniquely human willingness to cooperate between social groups

  • Tsimane women

    Studies of Bolivian forager-farmers shed light on costs of high birthrates, effects of pathogens on metabolism

  • UCSB anthropologists study the effects of market integration and monetization on food-sharing behavior

  • Study by UCSB anthropologists connects increased diabetes risk and higher levels of testosterone to prostate enlargement

  • Anthropologists study the hormonal basis of affiliation and competition among hunters in the Bolivian Amazon

  • Health risks are associated with the chronic psychosocial stress of perceived social subordination

  • The Tsimane Flood Relief Fund will provide emergency assistance to displaced families and communities

  • Bold and outgoing or shy and retiring — while many people can shift from one to the other as circumstances warrant, in general they lean toward one disposition or the other. And that inclination changes little over the course of their lives.

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