marine protected areas

  • Big data reveals biodiversity hotspots that could become the first generation of high seas marine protected areas

  • Marine scientists to monitor the health and biodiversity of marine protected areas along the California coast

  • Web project relies on citizen scientists, algorithms to track critically endangered giant sea bass

  • Biologists edit a special edition of Marine Ecology that sets the stage for future long-term monitoring of marine protected areas

  • Sargassum horneri

    Two distinct ecological mechanisms may provide resilience against invasive species in certain marine protected areas

  • The Canadian marine science community honors UCSB ecologist Benjamin Halpern

  • Hawksbill sea turtle

    A new study offers strategic guidance on the placement of marine protected areas to meet global conservation goals

  • Santa Cruz Island

    Analyzing a decade of monitoring data from marine protected areas in the Channel Islands yields positive results

  • Researchers from UCSB and other leading institutions around the world call for balancing seabed mining and ecosystem protection

  • Sheephead

    California sheephead play a vital role in the food web of kelp forests along the Pacific coast

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