• Scientists discover a long-sought quantum spin liquid state in a material

  • Ten years before the detection of gravitational waves, two KITP postdocs had a novel idea

  • Carlos Marquez, new manager of the Charles T. Munger Physics Residence, reflects on a long and fruitful career on campus

  • Astrophysicist and KITP Director Lars Bildsten elected to National Academy of Sciences

  • Stephen Hawking at UCSB

    Campus physicists reminisce about collaborating with the Cambridge legend

  • KITP hosts a rapid-response program to explore myriad new astrophysical insights from a double neutron star merger

  • Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics explore the biophysics and neurobiology of the auditory system

  • Condensed matter physicist Nigel Goldenfeld to deliver Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics Public Lecture

  • 3-D fruit fly egg chamber

    Two postdoctoral scholars from KITP have developed a means of reducing data size and processing by orders of magnitude

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