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Isla Vista

  • The IV Ethnobotany Project encourages people to view their landscape with a new perspective.
    The IV Ethnobotany Project encourages people to view their landscape with a new perspective.
    The fruits and flora of campus invite us to connect with our local environment
  • The university collaborates with students, neighbors, other agencies to ensure a safe Halloween
  • Hand painted recycling barrels in I.V. in 'Entrance to Ecology Action Center, 1975,' by Marion Post Wolcott
    Photo exhibition at Art, Design & Architecture Museum reflects life in 1970’s Isla Vista
  • Myriad regulations and alternative activities are in place for the weekend of April 1-3
  • University partners with County Public Health to offer boosters to students, Isla Vista and local residents
  • Student documentary short to screen at Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  • UCSB Police Department’s Community Service Organization expands into Isla Vista on weekend nights with safety stations
  • UCSB teams with students and community on rules, regulations, safety enhancements and alternative events for Oct. 26-31
  • UCSB volunteers will team up to clean Isla Vista as part of United Way’s campaign to improve neighborhoods
  • Short video about The Beloved Community conference
    Short video about The Beloved Community conference
    Isla Vista Conference to address challenges and opportunities, and ‘recognize the multifaceted beauty of this community’
  • UCSB students sharpen their skills by dealing with daily diversions at Isla Vista Elementary School
  • UCSB Library exhibit explores the past, present and future of Isla Vista
  • UCSB teams with students and community on safety enhancements and alternative events for Halloween weekend
  • Gently used items donated by UCSB students benefit nonprofit organizations in Isla Vista
  • UCSB, in partnership with local government partners, holds exhibition of light-based artworks in Isla Vista
  • Blunite in Isla Vista
    Blue LEDs light the night in Isla Vista
  • Student efforts to change the culture in Isla Vista are reflected in “The Warmup” and other Gauchos-only events
  • Gabriel Cardenas and Jeff Paige
    Art is both practical education and community building tool in this project
  • Memorial wall at Arbor
    A series of events planned on and off the UCSB campus in May will commemorate the Isla Vista tragedy of May 23, 2014
  • UCSB police officers at Public Safety Awards
    First responders from UCSB Police Department honored at Public Service Awards
  • UCSB policies and initiatives aim to discourage out-of-town visitors and ensure this year’s festivities are safe and homegrown
  • To ensure the timely completion of an important community safety project, UC Santa Barbara announced today that it is providing the County of Santa Barbara with $70,000 necessary for construction of a permanent fence along the bluffs in Isla...

  • Committee sought mid- and long-term solutions to enhance safety and improve quality of life for Isla Vista community
  • UCSB is delivering on its promise of additional university housing for undergrads
  • I.V. First Friday features late-night arts and cultural programming in downtown Isla Vista
    With new initiatives and a coordinating committee, UC Santa Barbara is expanding its presence in I.V.
  • A look back at how UC Santa Barbara students, faculty and staff pulled together to grieve, remember and start the healing process after the tragedy in Isla Vista.

  • Video of the memorial service held at UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday, May 27.

  •            For the innocent ones, killed and injured, May 23rd, 2014. Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, CA

                                           May you                                      continue

  • Freedom Now!
    Artists explore a variety of landscapes, taking in turn topography and geology, geography and history, and politics and culture. In some cases, such as the work of artist-in-residence Fran Siegel, the disparate elements combine into one big picture
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