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  • Researchers discuss common errors in internet energy analysis in an effort to develop best practices
  • English scholar to discuss how the campus, one of the first hubs of the internet, led the humanities into the digital age
  • Computer science professor Elizabeth Belding leads efforts to bring the internet to rural tribal communities
  • Awareness and diligence are keys to cyber security in the digital age, say UC Santa Barbara researchers
  • shot of gear used in Jordan
    Two computer science doctoral students head to Jordan to assess the technology needs of families displaced by the Syrian war
  • The most pressing issue, experts say, is to treat broadband as a common carrier that requires equal access among users
  • In his prescient novel “1984,” English author George Orwell predicted a future that bears an uncanny resemblance to current reality — except for a simple twist.

  • John Bowers, professor of electrical and computer engineering and of materials at UC Santa Barbara, will give UCSB's 2013 Faculty Research Lecture on Thursday, October 3, at 4 p.m. in the Engineering Science Building, Room 1001.

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