Helen Morales

  • Helen Morales with cat

    UC Santa Barbara professors get creative when faced with the limitations of remote instruction

  • Classics scholar Helen Morales’s new book explores the myth of Antigone and its relevance today

  • It seems everyone loves Dolly Parton, and a podcast featuring scholar Helen Morales examines her place in American culture

  • The Critical Issues in America series, “Changing Faces of U.S. Citizenship,” debuts with talk followed by panel discussion

  • UCSB’s 2017 Argyropoulos Lecture examines authenticity in representations of Greek history and culture

  • Exhibition at UCSB highlights 14 African Americans who became classics scholars in the 19th century

  • With the 2016 Olympics set to begin in Brazil, UCSB scholars discuss the origins of the Games

  • Visiting Greek artist Evdokimos Tsolakidis will direct two performances of Euripides’s ‘Helen’ at UCSB

  • UCSB conference to examine ‘Slavery, Captivity and the Meaning of Freedom’

  • Greek scholar to speak at UCSB on how the European refugee crisis is affecting Athens

  • New book by Argyropoulos Chair in Hellenic Studies chronicles her journey across America

  • For the 2014 Argyropoulos Lecture in Hellenic Studies, classicist and Byzantine art historian Robin Cormack will examine the work of Praxiteles, a Greek painter and sculptor of the 4th-century BC, alongside that of Angelos Akotantos,...

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