• Electrical and computer engineering researchers propose 3D integration with 2D materials

  • Professors Michelle O’Malley and Andrea Young are named to Science News’s annual list of up-and-coming scientists

  • Condensed matter physicists take a step closer to building a graphene-based topological insulator

  • Junkai Jiang receives prestigious Ph.D. Student Fellowship from IEEE Electron Devices Society

  • Assistant professor Andrea Young has won the Milner Foundation’s 2018 New Horizons Prize in Fundamental Physics

  • Physicists develop a device that could provide conclusive evidence for the existence (or not) of non-Abelian anyons

  • Physicist Andrea Young receives the 2016 McMillan Award for research he almost abandoned

  • UC Santa Barbara researchers advance the frontiers of bioengineering by demonstration atomically thin molybdenite biosensors

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