global warming

  • Ecologist Douglas McCauley finds that marine animals are more vulnerable to global warming than those on land

  • In general, Democrats and Republicans agree about climate change — they just don’t realize it

  • A symposium credits physicist Eunice Foote for her role in discovering the principal cause of global warming

  • Opinions about climate change are more varied among Republicans than political leaders suggest

  • Minneapolis

    A UCSB geographer models the impact of changing precipitation patterns in northern European and North American cities

  • UCSB students, faculty members and alumni are among attendees of the UN Climate Summit in Paris.

  • Ice sculpture

    The climate crisis — and it is a real crisis — is probably the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced

  • Greenland Ice Sheet

    Scientists discover organic soil preserved for millions of years beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet

  • Rising temperatures and protracted drought portend trouble for ecosystems, industries, people

  • Human-driven environmental disturbances have multiple effects, including changes in biodiversity and species composition. A new study shows that changes in biodiversity can be important intermediary drivers of the long-term effects of human-...

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