• Researchers turn to newlywed couples to unravel questions about the chemistry of empathy and bonding

  • Marine scientists join an international team to uncover the origins of symbiotic organs

  • Cheddar Man

    In a new book, a historian examines how Christian theology shaped scientific ideas about race

  • Researchers have discovered that the female market squid possesses a pair of rainbow iridescent stripes. These flank a single stripe, which can go from complete transparency to bright white, mimicking the male testis. This may allow the female...

  • A team of researchers has created an efficient way to target and repair defective genes using human pluripotent stem cells and DNA-cutting protein from meningitis bacteria. The novel technique is much simpler than previous methods and has the...

  • Irene Chen, who came to UC Santa Barbara at the beginning of the year, recently received a five-year grant to from a new Simons Foundation program whose goal is to advance understanding of the processes that led to the emergence of life.

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