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faculty books

  • Scholar’s book explores intersection of regenerative farming, social justice
  • The Caracol or "observatory" at Chich'en Itza
    Book reveals new insights into astronomy and politics of the Maya Terminal Classic period
  • Book of essays explores Asian American activism
  • Book of essays explores Asian American activism
  • Artist's image treatment of First Black Archaeologist book cover
    New biography explores the extraordinary life of John Wesley Gilbert
  • Robert Krut shifts his gaze in a new book of poetry
  • Scholar’s book examines the pull — and the price — of being a ‘model minority’
  • Funerary model, Egypt
    Anthony Barbieri breaks new ground with comparative study of two empires
  • Scholars examine the legacies of the landmark suite of programs and reforms
  • Two books co-edited by UCSB scholars explore Latin America from critical perspectives
  • New book takes a broader, more inclusive look at the Chicano Movement
  • Scholars’ book examines how to better advocate for evidence-based approaches to education policy
  • Scholar’s book examines how a long line of thinkers have approached Plato’s use of myth in political philosophy
  • Political science professor Amit Ahuja’s is co-winner of India’s most prestigious award for non-fiction
  • Frank Malina, Cosmos
    Historian W. Patrick McCray’s new book explores the collaboration of art and technology in the 1960s
  • New book examines the role of digital communications in activism in Latin America
  • Scholar Tania Israel’s new book offers a bridge to connect across the political divide
  • UC Santa Barbara scholar’s book takes a fresh look at how we approach the ocean in art, literature and technology
  • Classics scholar Helen Morales’s new book explores the myth of Antigone and its relevance today
  • Scholar’s book explores how utilities and fossil fuel companies fought to weaken clean energy policies
  • UC Santa Barbara scholar’s book explores new territory at the intersection of video games and the environment
  • Legislators at every level are rejecting compromise — even when it favors them; a scholar’s book looks at why it’s happening
  • Book co-authored by UCSB scholar looks anew at China's Sent-Down Youth Movement
  • It seems everyone loves Dolly Parton, and a podcast featuring scholar Helen Morales examines her place in American culture
  • Scholar and social justice activist Vilna Bashi Treitler receives two new significant honors for her work
  • UC Santa Barbara scholar’s book examines how Mormons survived an effort to destroy their religion and became a force in the West
  • Scholar examines Afro-Atlantic rituals of trance possession, connection to the divine, relevance to LGBTQ identities
  • Production image from La Máquina de Teatro
    Ruth Hellier-Tinoco examines idea of rememory, body as archive, in performances of La Máquina de Teatro
  • “You Will Pray To What We Give You,” from "The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All on Fire" by Robert Krut.
    “You Will Pray To What We Give You,” from "The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All on Fire" by Robert Krut.
    UC Santa Barbara scholar’s third collection of poems reflects a world teetering on the abyss
  • Music scholar’s essay collection explores the nexus of environmental and cultural sustainability
  • Orígenes, cover, 1946
    Collection of essays co-edited by professor examines the legacy of influential Cuban journal Orígenes
  • Scholar's meticulous biography of Alain Locke earns the 2019 Pulitzer Prize
  • A scholar’s book examines the extraordinary lives of the original Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker
  • In his new book, English scholar Alan Liu examines the sense of history in the digital age
  • Javiera Barandiarán, Chile
    Global studies scholar explores the interplay of science and the environment in neoliberal Chile
  • Anthology of Latino speculative fiction co-edited by English scholar Ben Olguin wins an American Book Award
  • UCSB scholar and co-authors examine China’s drive to become the world leader in technological innovation
  • A biography of Father Luis Olivares illuminates the birth of the sanctuary movement in Los Angeles
  • Jane De Hart, history professor emerita, publishes first “full-life” biography of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • A new book documents the political, cultural transformations brought by the 1911 Revolution in China
  • A scholar examines the jarring 18th-century transition from manuscript letters to print media
  • Scholar’s book delves into the messy history of immigration and the law in the United States
  • A new book examines the history and evolution of bathing in Mexico, from pre-Columbian times to the present
  • Scholar Eileen Boris co-edits new book examining the place of women in global labor policies
  • Unlearning the City book cover
    Professor Swati Chattopadhyay is honored for a lifetime of achievement in the study of architectural history
  • A UCSB scholar will explore the apparent falling out of seminal sociologists Max Weber and W.E.B Du Bois
  • Cheddar Man
    In a new book, a historian examines how Christian theology shaped scientific ideas about race
  • Historian’s new book examines how Japanese tourists helped to create and sustain the Japanese Empire
  • Anthropologists examine the roles of games among ancient indigenous peoples of North America
  • Historian’s new book examines the role of autopsy in the canonization process of the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Scholar is lauded by the American Political Science Association for her book highlighting race, gender and political leadership
  • A book edited by a UCSB scholar takes a fresh look at the emergence of Native American Mississippian civilization
  • A UCSB scholar traces tea’s journey across the globe as a commodity and a tool of the British Empire
  • UCSB scholar’s book explores how Japan has long used children to validate war and sentimentalize peace
  • Hunger strike
    UCSB scholar’s book examines hunger strikes by Latino activists on three California campuses in the 1990s
  • Andrés Consoli
    UCSB scholar co-authors book for using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with anxious children and adolescents
  • UCSB scholar Francisco Lomelí shepherds publication of two books and a magazine
  • UCSB professor delves into the current state of the global Hollywood labor market in a new book
  • Scholar’s book argues for a new approach to dealing with troubled Latino youths
  • A UCSB scholar explores the plight of educated Pakistani women who emigrate to Canada and find unemployment and poverty
  • Scholar Jorge Luis Castillo receives PEN Club award for a volume of short stories
  • English scholar Swati Rana receives NEH grant to support writing of first book
  • Political scientist Pei-te Lien provides a comprehensive survey of women, men of color elected to public office
  • Scholar Elizabeth Peréz examines the key role of food preparation in Black Atlantic religions
  • A UCSB scholar’s book examines the presidential election through the lens of psychoanalysis
  • A new book by a UCSB historian examines U.S. relations with Arabs and the Middle East in the 1970s
  • Female ceramists of the postwar era laid the groundwork for today’s avant-garde artists, according to UCSB art historian
  • A new book co-edited by a UCSB scholar examines the eclectic science that emerged from the counterculture
  • 9/11 mourners
    A new book co-edited by a UCSB scholar examines the ancient tradition of laments for fallen cities
  • UCSB historian solves 17th-century case of The Man in the Iron Mask
  • Leila Rupp
    Decades into the career she was born for, the awards and honors keep coming for UC Santa Barbara historian Leila Rupp
  • UCSB scholar creates the first book series outside Japan on the Shinto tradition
  • A new book by a UCSB scholar explores the massacre of a Hopi village in 1700
  • A UCSB historian’s new book reveals the role of music in the subjugation and liberation of African culture
  • In a new book, Giles Gunn examines the evolution of global ethics — and of his own thinking
  • A new book by a UCSB historian traces the bright and fuzzy lines of race in America
  • Golden Hind
    UCSB anthropologist Lynn Gamble’s new book reveals the historic and cultural depth of the ‘First Coastal Californians’
  • A new book co-authored by a UCSB researcher details how the Maya have farmed sustainably and survived for millennia
  • A new book by UC Santa Barbara scholars explores the impact of globalization on religions around the world
  • A new book by a UC Santa Barbara scholar explores the meaning of hope amid environmental struggles in the Pacific Ocean
  • A UCSB researcher’s book on Spanish-language radio earns both awards and a place in the national conversation
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