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  • Orígenes, cover, 1946

    Collection of essays co-edited by professor examines the legacy of influential Cuban journal Orígenes

  • Scholar's meticulous biography of Alain Locke earns the 2019 Pulitzer Prize

  • A scholar’s book examines the extraordinary lives of the original Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker

  • In his new book, English scholar Alan Liu examines the sense of history in the digital age

  • Javiera Barandiarán, Chile

    Global studies scholar explores the interplay of science and the environment in neoliberal Chile

  • Anthology of Latino speculative fiction co-edited by English scholar Ben Olguin wins an American Book Award

  • UCSB scholar and co-authors examine China’s drive to become the world leader in technological innovation

  • A biography of Father Luis Olivares illuminates the birth of the sanctuary movement in Los Angeles

  • Jane De Hart, history professor emerita, publishes first “full-life” biography of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • A new book documents the political, cultural transformations brought by the 1911 Revolution in China

  • A scholar examines the jarring 18th-century transition from manuscript letters to print media

  • Scholar’s book delves into the messy history of immigration and the law in the United States

  • A new book examines the history and evolution of bathing in Mexico, from pre-Columbian times to the present

  • Scholar Eileen Boris co-edits new book examining the place of women in global labor policies

  • Unlearning the City book cover

    Professor Swati Chattopadhyay is honored for a lifetime of achievement in the study of architectural history

  • A UCSB scholar will explore the apparent falling out of seminal sociologists Max Weber and W.E.B Du Bois

  • Cheddar Man

    In a new book, a historian examines how Christian theology shaped scientific ideas about race

  • Historian’s new book examines how Japanese tourists helped to create and sustain the Japanese Empire

  • Anthropologists examine the roles of games among ancient indigenous peoples of North America

  • Historian’s new book examines the role of autopsy in the canonization process of the 16th and 17th centuries

  • Scholar is lauded by the American Political Science Association for her book highlighting race, gender and political leadership

  • A book edited by a UCSB scholar takes a fresh look at the emergence of Native American Mississippian civilization

  • A UCSB scholar traces tea’s journey across the globe as a commodity and a tool of the British Empire

  • UCSB scholar’s book explores how Japan has long used children to validate war and sentimentalize peace

  • Hunger strike

    UCSB scholar’s book examines hunger strikes by Latino activists on three California campuses in the 1990s

  • Andrés Consoli

    UCSB scholar co-authors book for using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with anxious children and adolescents

  • UCSB scholar Francisco Lomelí shepherds publication of two books and a magazine

  • UCSB professor delves into the current state of the global Hollywood labor market in a new book

  • UCSB scholar’s book argues for a new approach to dealing with troubled Latino youths

  • A UCSB scholar explores the plight of educated Pakistani women who emigrate to Canada and find unemployment and poverty

  • Scholar Jorge Luis Castillo receives PEN Club award for a volume of short stories

  • English scholar Swati Rana receives NEH grant to support writing of first book

  • Political scientist Pei-te Lien provides a comprehensive survey of women, men of color elected to public office

  • Scholar Elizabeth Peréz examines the key role of food preparation in Black Atlantic religions

  • A UCSB scholar’s book examines the presidential election through the lens of psychoanalysis

  • A new book by a UCSB historian examines U.S. relations with Arabs and the Middle East in the 1970s

  • Female ceramists of the postwar era laid the groundwork for today’s avant-garde artists, according to UCSB art historian

  • A new book co-edited by a UCSB scholar examines the eclectic science that emerged from the counterculture

  • 9/11 mourners

    A new book co-edited by a UCSB scholar examines the ancient tradition of laments for fallen cities

  • UCSB historian solves 17th-century case of The Man in the Iron Mask

  • Leila Rupp

    Decades into the career she was born for, the awards and honors keep coming for UC Santa Barbara historian Leila Rupp

  • UCSB scholar creates the first book series outside Japan on the Shinto tradition

  • A new book by a UCSB scholar explores the massacre of a Hopi village in 1700

  • A UCSB historian’s new book reveals the role of music in the subjugation and liberation of African culture

  • In a new book, UCSB’s Giles Gunn examines the evolution of global ethics — and of his own thinking

  • A new book by a UCSB historian traces the bright and fuzzy lines of race in America

  • Golden Hind

    UCSB anthropologist Lynn Gamble’s new book reveals the historic and cultural depth of the ‘First Coastal Californians’

  • A new book co-authored by a UCSB researcher details how the Maya have farmed sustainably and survived for millennia

  • A new book by UC Santa Barbara scholars explores the impact of globalization on religions around the world

  • A new book by a UC Santa Barbara scholar explores the meaning of hope amid environmental struggles in the Pacific Ocean

  • A UCSB researcher’s book on Spanish-language radio earns both awards and a place in the national conversation

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