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faculty book

  • Two books by Ömer Eğecioğlu invite students to explore the fascinating world of combinatorics
  • Paasha Mahdavi examines the link between natural resources and political power
  • A UCSB scholar examines the history and unseen implications of how sex is exhibited in museums
  • Cynthia Felando makes a case for the scholarly importance of live-action fiction short films
  • UCSB physicist Alan Heeger recounts his Nobel victory, reveals his many career influences and inspirations, in ‘Never Lose Your Nerve!’
  • Social psychologist Bella DePaulo documents evolving modern movement away from nuclear-family households.
  • New anthology by UCSB feminist studies scholar Leila J. Rupp scores a 2015 Lambda Literary Award
  • Cambridge Companion to Modern Arab Culture
    New essay collection from Mideast scholar Dwight Reynolds offers comprehensive examination of Arab culture today
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