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faculty authors

  • New book co-written by Bren professor explores the surprising —and often unseen — rules about who owns what
  • Black studies scholar and sociologist publishes 20th anniversary edition of his groundbreaking book
  • New book by psychology professor Michael Gazzaniga examines the mystery of how the brain makes the mind
  • New book by poet and UCSB English professor emeritus John Ridland honors the brief life of son Little John
    New book by poet and UCSB English professor emeritus John Ridland honors the brief life of son Little John
  • Religious studies scholar Catherine Albanese explores the theological journey of New Thought pioneer Warren Felt Evans
  • A new book by Mario García explores literature as a resource in the study of Chicano history
  • Scholar ann-elise lewallen examines how indigenous Ainu women use textile art to celebrate their identity
  • John Ridland publishes a new translation of the chivalric romance “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
  • On a quest to solve the mystery surrounding his name, a UCSB English scholar uncovers family history and stories
  • Book by feminist studies scholar Mireille Miller-Young garners two major prizes
  • UCSB professor’s new biography of the labor leader is one of few in the U.S. to be written in Spanish
  • UCSB anthropologist explores cattle raising in the Amazon and the tensions between conservation and development
  • Linda Adler-Kassner’s research on ‘threshold concepts’ in writing studies leads to a groundbreaking new book
  • Feminist studies scholar examines laws that allow a parent to relinquish a newborn baby legally and anonymously
  • New book by UCSB historian Mario García explores the Chicano civil rights struggle in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s
  • UC Santa Barbara’s Paul Amar is turning the world of sociopolitical academia upside down, and he’s doing it one book at a time.

  • The ideals of the statement — particularly “participatory democracy” — continue to inform popular movements across the world.
  • Richard Ross interviews a girl confined to a detention facility
    Art professor Richard Ross explores the conditions and contexts of girls remanded to detention centers
  • New encyclopedia of stage actors by UCSB theater scholar Simon Williams spans 2,000 years and many diverse countries and cultures
  • English scholar publishes volume of selected works by Hungarian poet and Holocaust victim Miklós Radnóti
  • Benjanim Cohen examines the meaning, sources, uses and limits of power in international political economy
  • With journals and contemporary accounts as her guides, Ann Plane delves into the dreams of settlers and Native Americans
  • New book documents the evolution of forensic engineering and use of media to record and reconstruct accidents
  • Prize recognizes a book that promotes public understanding of the history of science and supports undergraduate education.
  • New book examines how migrants and minorities of all age groups experience their lives and manage complex, often multiple identities
  • In her new book, “Geographies of Privilege,” sociology professor France Winddance Twine argues that physical space, geography, and locality are key to understanding how power and privilege operate in diverse national contexts. Geography and...
  • Known for his experimental style, which often ran toward stream-of-consciousness, even punctuation-free prose, revered American author William Faulkner is a notoriously tough read.

  • While the Cold War has most commonly been associated with Europe –– think the former Soviet Union –– and the United States, East Asia has served as what scholars refer to as a critical second front.

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