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Fabio Rambelli

  • Scholars record a digital album using ancient Japanese musical instruments
  • Donors join forces to establish a $1 million chair in Jain studies, within Department of Religious Studies
  • Scholar Fabio Rambelli is bringing Gagaku, Japan’s imperial music, to UC Santa Barbara
  • Scholar explains how the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito resets the calendar on the world’s oldest monarchy
  • Japanese classical music dating to the 3rd century comes to the MultiCultural Center Theater
  • UCSB scholars will explore an elusive phenomenon: the prevalence of ghosts in Japanese culture
  • International conference at UCSB to focus on the role of the ocean in Japan’s native religion
  • UCSB scholar creates the first book series outside Japan on the Shinto tradition
  • When a private collector brought a Buddha statue to the Drents Museum in the Netherlands for restoration, something amazing was discovered.

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