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  • Researchers to study pandemic’s impact on the underserved in second project of Pahl Initiative on the Study of Critical Social Issues
  • Scholar Benjamin Cohen says Covid-19 crisis has U.S. economy ‘on the edge of a precipice’
  • Economics scholar finds parental leave imposes negligible costs on small firms, co-workers
  • Political economist explains the federal budget deficit and its impact on the domestic economy and more
  • Scholar’s new book provides a guide for bringing ecological benefits into economic considerations
  • Paper co-authored by a UC Santa Barbara scholar finds internally generated rewards promote cooperation
  • Economist Rod Garratt discusses the future of digital currency
  • Environmental economists predict big manufacturing losses in China by mid-21st century due to climate change
  • Low-wage workers in the Santa Barbara area are not reaping the benefits of an improved economy, UCSB study shows
  • The traditional ideal of home ownership is examined in the north Santa Barbara County Economic Summit
  • Infusion of $5 million in gift funds a major boon to Department of Economics
  • Bryan Leonard is in Germany for what he calls “a once-in-a-lifetime chance” to interact with Nobel Laureates, top economists and fellow graduate student researchers. Bryan, a fourth-year Economics Ph.D.

  • Alvin Roth, recipient of the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, will give the 56th Annual Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture at UC Santa Barbara on Thursday, April 10. He will speak on “The Economist as Engineer.”

  • Is the so-called cryptocurrency days from extinction or destined to give central banking a run for its money?
  • In two recently published books, Lichtenstein, the MacArthur Foundation Professor in History and director of the campus's Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy, helps animate the public discourse on a set of vital contemporary issues...
  • Paul Orfalea's course at UC Santa Barbara is one that turns tradition on its head. There are no textbooks, and no tests. No answers, only questions. In fact, Orfalea told his students during a recent session, "This is a class in asking questions...

  • George Borjas will give the 55th Annual Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture at UC Santa Barbara on Thursday, February 21.
  • Hal R. Varian, the chief economist at Google, will give the 54th Annual Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture at UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday, April 3. He will speak on "Predicting the Present With Google Trends."

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