• Climate hazard scientists connect 2018’s Four Corners drought directly to human-caused climate change

  • Researchers explores how to meet water demands during drought years

  • Stormwater runoff

    UCSB water quality researchers part of multicampus project to combat drought with stormwater

  • Whittier fire July 8, 2017

    Scientists expand their fire research to evaluate urban wildfire patterns and resilience

  • Rear Admiral Len Hering

    The 5th Annual Central Coast Sustainability Summit at UCSB addresses renewable energy and sustainable water management

  • Record heat and drought are taking a deadly toll on California’s native trees, say UC Santa Barbara scientists

  • Matt O'Carroll and Jewel Snavely

    Recycled-water irrigation, new lab technology and outreach efforts will help UCSB achieve major water savings by March 2016

  • researchers in the data component

    Researchers receive funding to deploy a new way to measure groundwater use and to help deal with the state’s water crisis

  • A NCEAS working group study analyzes a variety of factors contributing to forest die-offs

  • Drought-Temperature Study

    Study by UCSB-led research team shows how record-high temperatures in California are worsening the already historic drought

  • From 2000 to 2003, a drought in the American Southwest triggered a widespread die-off of forests around the region, including many stands of quaking aspen.

  • Colin Kelley's research is perhaps the first to examine climate change in relation to a current war

  • Local water conservation specialists will share tips about how to save water at home in a public lecture at the Goleta Public Library

  • a video of the aftermath of the fire at UCSB's Coal Oil Point Reserve
    a video of the aftermath of the fire at UCSB's Coal Oil Point Reserve

    One person's wildfire is another person's research opportunity.

  • “Water (we going to do?)” is a lecture series aimed at the UCSB and local communities

  • Ethiopian wheat field

    CHIRPS relates space-based rainfall observations to current and historical ground-based rainfall data

  • Recycled water sign

    If the current drought continues into next year, water shortages throughout the state could become a reality.

  • A Bren School faculty panel to discuss water and the effects of drought in California

  • A longstanding commitment to water conservation positions the campus remarkably well to ride out the drought

  • video still of swirling embers during Tea Fire

    "Burn Cycle," an exhibition by artist and curator Ethan Turpin, depicts the many aspects of living with seasonal wildfires

  • Rising temperatures and protracted drought portend trouble for ecosystems, industries, people

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