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Douglas J. Kennett

  • A view of a dry, narrow valley in the Nasca highlands
    Climate, population dynamics drove warfare in Prehispanic Andes, study finds
  • Study reveals large-scale migrations into Bronze Age Britain
  • Research suggests dairying played major role in Bronze Age expansion of Yamnaya populations
  • Genetic testing of ancient maize reveals South American varieties played major role in development of the grain
  • Archaeologists examine the enduring human costs of epidemics and what we might learn from COVID
  • Maize, Maya, Douglas Kennett
    UCSB researcher’s work reveals maize became a key food source in Central America 4,700 years ago
  • Anthropologist sheds light on the genetic history of ancient populations in Mediterranean islands
  • A warming climate could lead to drier conditions in the Neotropics, including Central America
  • Anthropology scholar examines ancient DNA to reveal history of Central and South Asian populations
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