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Department of Anthropology

  • Scholar’s paper sheds light on resilience of Indigenous people during Mission Period
  • New research indicates women’s empowerment may be met with a violent backlash
  • Anthropologists study link between economic inequality and wellness among indigenous population in the Bolivian Amazon
  • Archaeologists examine the enduring human costs of epidemics and what we might learn from COVID
  • Anthropologists find a mother’s social status improves her children’s health
  • Anthropology scholar examines ancient DNA to reveal history of Central and South Asian populations
  • Abalone, unit, dig
    Excavation at La Purisima Mission unearths Chumash artifacts, provides field experience to aspiring archaeologists
  • Periodic catastrophes are key to explaining incongruences in population growth over human evolutionary history
  • He was going nowhere in a hurry. Now 35, he’s about to earn his bachelor’s degree in anthropology
  • A new paper stresses the importance of ecological thinking and diverse study samples to improve psychological science
  • Tombos, fortress
    In a new paper, anthropologist details the discovery of the fortifications of an Egyptian settlement
  • The intensity of pride people feel for a given act or trait is set by an implicit mental map of what others value
  • Scholars honored by prestigious Chinese organization for their contributions to archaeology
  • Tsimane Family
    Forager-farmer population provides valuable clues to the impact of industrialization on life and health
  • Professor Emerita Barbara Voorhies receives 2016 Award for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis
  • UC Santa Barbara celebrates World Anthropology Day with family-friendly activities
  • A new book by two UCSB anthropologists sheds light on the consequences of food insecurity in ancient warfare
    UCSB anthropologists shed light on the consequences of food insecurity in ancient warfare
  • UCSB anthropologists study the effects of market integration and monetization on food-sharing behavior
  • Barbara Voorhies has received the American Anthropological Association’s Gender Equity in Anthropology Award
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