• The Central Coast Sustainability Summit aims to spark solutions and partnerships around environmental challenges

  • Somatic movement conference focuses on embodiment and brain research, with an indigenous education element

  • El Plan de Santa Bárbara, catalyst for Chicano Studies departments across California, turns 50

  • Performer Pamela Z

    Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology conference features internationally known artists and scholars

  • Mazatec poet Juan Gregorio Regino and UCSB's Osiris Gómez

    First-ever indigenous languages and literature conference at UCSB to feature poets, writers and scholars

  • Kathleen Ruiz World of Plankton

    UCSB Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology hosts inaugural conference

  • Offering a new and “nearly carbon-free” model, UCSB’s Environmental Humanities Initiative hosts a virtual academic conference

  • More than 600 college students to attend Afrikan Black Coalition conference at UCSB

  • Picture a DJ splicing two songs together on two turntables, making a new but still deeply rooted cultural expression of music. Imagine a YouTube enthusiast mashing video with unexpected yet surprisingly appropriate audio.

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