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  • Communication scholar Howie Giles has received the 2020-21 Edward A. Dickson Emeriti Professorship
  • A communication scholar explores the use of entertainment media as therapy for stress, anxiety and hopelessness
  • 2019 ShanghaiRanking places UCSB at No. 5 in the world in field of communication
  • Norah Dunbar’s NSF-funded video game trains people to better discern truth from lies — and how to spot deceptive behavior
  • In a talk at UC Santa Barbara, Science Friday’s Ira Flatow takes a look at the challenges of communicating the uncertainty of science
  • Researcher receives $549,000 National Science Foundation grant to develop a game that trains players to detect deception
  • The award recognizes sustained contributions to theoretical development or empirical research in communication studies
  • According to experts, the transition to a sustainable society will require a kind of industrial revolution in which manufacturing, transportation and communication are conducted within a variety of constraints imposed by resource availability,...

  • Putnam is a renowned leader in the fields of organizational communication, conflict negotiation and bargaining
  • Team Science field guide
    Collaborative, interdisciplinary research has become increasingly central in scientific discovery
  • Award-winning book analyzes the communication systems that shaped events — and sensibilities — in the period leading up to American Revolution
  • 3D rendering of brain
    The Media Neuroscience Lab puts hard science into traditional communication methodology
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