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collaborative research

  • Video highlights from Food from the Sea Summit
    Video highlights from Food from the Sea Summit
    Research summit convenes experts in fisheries and aquaculture as part of UC Global Food Initiative
  • Acropora latistella (Table coral)
    The initial findings of the Ocean Tipping Points collaboration analyze various factors affecting ocean ecosystems
  • Team Science field guide
    Collaborative, interdisciplinary research has become increasingly central in scientific discovery
  • Scholars have frequently suggested that art and science find their meeting point in method.
  • Many 21st-century challenges require a deep understanding of how natural and manmade phenomena — major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climate change and sustainable energy resources — are linked to one another.

  • Klein's j-function
    The unsung artistry of mathematics may finally get its due, thanks to the pursuit's growing influence across disciplines, and industries.
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