• Book co-authored by UCSB scholar looks anew at China's Sent-Down Youth Movement

  • Five-year study in China shows monitoring of local governments by NGOs improves compliance with central rules

  • UCSB scholar and co-authors examine China’s drive to become the world leader in technological innovation

  • A new book documents the political, cultural transformations brought by the 1911 Revolution in China

  • Scholars publish the first comprehensive study of China’s STEM research environment in higher education

  • A UCSB scholar says the president’s tariffs and the threat of trade wars are ill-advised and dangerous

  • Environmental economists predict big manufacturing losses in China by mid-21st century due to climate change

  • The Royal Shakespeare Company to produce a UCSB playwright’s adaptation of a 13th-century Chinese play

  • An upcoming conference will bring together U.S., Chinese scholars to address environment, climate change

  • UCSB expert on international political economy discusses the impacts of Greece’s national debt and China’s stock market slide

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