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  • The Bren School announces a master’s degree program in environmental data science
  • Study highlights that framing a message in terms of avoiding environmental losses can boost public support for environmental management
  • Highlights from the 2018 UC Santa Barbara Grad Slam
    Highlights from the 2018 UC Santa Barbara Grad Slam
    Graduate students explain their research in 180 seconds at the sixth annual Grad Slam
  • Bren School student researchers collaborate with Patagonia to address emerging issue of microfiber pollution
  • Philanthropist, water research advocate Henry (Sam) Wheeler, Jr., was key supporter of Bren School's Urban Water Environment project.
  • A new Bren School study shows that life cycle assessment updates are essential to quantify the environmental impacts of agriculture
  • Dustin Pearce
    Bren School graduates share their spatial model for identifying compatible areas for solar power development in the San Joaquin Valley
  • David Tilman, professor at UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, has received the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Ecology and Conservation Biology category in recognition of his long-term...

  • Video highlights from Food from the Sea Summit
    Video highlights from Food from the Sea Summit
    Research summit convenes experts in fisheries and aquaculture as part of UC Global Food Initiative
  • Plastic in ocean
    A new study estimates the input of plastic waste from land into the ocean at 8 million metric tons — equal to 1.5 million cars
  • Arturo Keller has been awarded the 2015 U.S. Water Prize for his program to reduce nutrient-loading in the Ohio River basin
  • Wheat field
    The world is gaining weight and becoming less healthy, and global dietary choices are harming the environment
  • Humpback whale
    The most comprehensive assessment conducted by the Ocean Health Index rates the Earth’s oceans at 67 out of 100 in overall health
  • Bryan Leonard is in Germany for what he calls “a once-in-a-lifetime chance” to interact with Nobel Laureates, top economists and fellow graduate student researchers. Bryan, a fourth-year Economics Ph.D.

  • Two papers address how to strike a balance between providing for humanity’s growing needs and preserving natural systems
  • A Bren School faculty panel to discuss water and the effects of drought in California
  • Researchers offer a bold approach to reversing declines in wild fish populations in international waters around the world
  • A three-year international collaboration of research organizations aims to establish an inclusive set of governance practices for sustainability in Arctic coastal-marine systems. The project involves marine spatial planning on a pan-Arctic scale...
  • What do stormwater management, whale migration, and inner peace have in common? They're the subjects of a few of the newest interpretive signs around the UC Santa Barbara campus.

  • An innovative piece of oil-spill recovery equipment –– evolved from a design created at UC Santa Barbara's Bren School of Environmental Science & Management in 2006 by Victoria Broje, who was a graduate student working in the research group...

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