• Closeup of herbarium sheets at UCSB Cheadle Center for Biodiversity & Ecological Restoration

    NSF-funded statewide project will digitize flowering plant species, facilitate climate change research

  • Bruce Tiffney in Pardall cycad garden

    Cycads — hearty, massive plants that date to the Mesozoic Era — boost teaching and sustainability on campus

  • Cheadles and Yangs

    Endowment launched by Vernon Cheadle's family will safeguard his scientific legacy by supporting operations at campus center that holds his botanic colllections

  • Danica Taber and Chanel

    The entire community has been holding its collective breath waiting for UCSB's Amorophallus titanum, its proper botanic name, to bloom. This is only the second Titan Arum to bloom on campus.

  • This only the second time a corpse flower, officially known as Amorphophallus titanium, has bloomed on campus. The last bloom in 2002 was Tiny who is Chanel’s mother.

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