• Some of Southern California’s most iconic and popular beaches have lost most of their biodiversity

  • New study maps the biodiversity risks facing the ocean

  • Researchers find biodiversity stabilizes kelp forest ecosystems far more than expected

  • Strategies for growing biomass for fuel can have ecological and environmental benefits

  • Herbivores increase or decrease plant diversity depending on what’s on the menu

  • Biologists edit a special edition of Marine Ecology that sets the stage for future long-term monitoring of marine protected areas

  • Researchers conduct the first land-use analysis of future food systems focusing on aquatic farming

  • Researchers are undertaking two projects that will inform the oil platform decommissioning process in California

  • Roland Knapp works to recover frog population in the Sierras
    Roland Knapp works to recover frog population in the Sierras

    Biologist Roland Knapp and colleagues work to restore a once-vanishing frog population in the Sierras

  • Combining ecology and economics, researchers find a novel way to manage ecosystem services and protect biodiversity

  • beach roly-poly

    Comparing old and new field observations, scientists study changes in the biodiversity of California’s sandy beaches

  • Ecologists collaborate on a special volume about the relationships of conservation, biodiversity and infectious disease

  • Hawksbill sea turtle

    A new study offers strategic guidance on the placement of marine protected areas to meet global conservation goals

  • Jellyfish

    An NCEAS study predicts that climate change will cause significant reshuffling of marine biodiversity

  • David Tilman, professor at UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, has received the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Ecology and Conservation Biology category in recognition of his long-term...

  • Island fox pair

    Sometimes in order to plan for the future, you have to look to the past

  • Aerial view of Rio

    Owing much of its prosperity to the ocean, Brazil was a natural choice for the first regional assessment

  • Cheadles and Yangs

    Endowment launched by Vernon Cheadle's family will safeguard his scientific legacy by supporting operations at campus center that holds his botanic colllections

  • Two types of small beach critters –– both cousins of the beloved, backyard roly-poly –– are suffering localized extinctions in Southern California at an alarming rate, says a new study by UC Santa Barbara scientists.

  • Analysis of the data indicates that clouds mainly have an effect on short-term seasonal growth, but longer-term changes in these forests appear to be due to temperature. While other studies have used long-term flower production data, this is the...

  • Human-driven environmental disturbances have multiple effects, including changes in biodiversity and species composition. A new study shows that changes in biodiversity can be important intermediary drivers of the long-term effects of human-...

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