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  • Researchers say cultivated seaweed can soak up excess nutrients plaguing human health and marine life
  • Researchers offer approaches for the sustainable expansion of the U.S. seafood industry
  • Offshore aquaculture in Hawaii
    Strategy for sustainable aquaculture supports the world’s fastest growing food sector
  • Researchers show how fishmeal and oil alternatives can support aquaculture growth
  • Research reveals the influence long-term climatic cycles can have on marine aquaculture
  • Researchers see a wealth of potential for aquaculture in the Caribbean
  • Analysis of impacts to marine aquaculture production warns proactive measures needed to protect global food security
  • Zegar Family Foundation gifts UCSB $1.04 million to address impacts of climate change through science
  • Researchers conduct the first land-use analysis of future food systems focusing on aquatic farming
  • School of fish
    NCEAS sees global progress with ongoing research collaboration, Science for Nature and People Partnership
  • Video highlights from Food from the Sea Summit
    Video highlights from Food from the Sea Summit
    Research summit convenes experts in fisheries and aquaculture as part of UC Global Food Initiative
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