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Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 16:35

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Jasmin Llamas

Jasmin Llamas, UC Santa Barbara Class of 2014

By Jasmin Llamas  
UC Santa Barbara Class of 2014  
The Gevirtz Graduate School of Education - Ph.D. in Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology

Reflecting back on my time at UCSB is bittersweet. When I went hunting for Ph.D. programs, I knew UCSB would be my new home. The academic and professional experiences I had and the lifelong friends I made only reaffirm I made the right choice. Besides, who could argue against graduate school near the ocean! Academically, I lapped up every experience I could, applying to program and University grants that helped me launch my research and create a foundation of publications. I also participated in the first ever Grad Slam last year and was able to make it to the final (by some miracle!). What I enjoyed most from that experience was learning about the impressive research my peers were conducting.

I also tried to immerse myself in campus activities, participating in the launch of GauchoFYI—a program developed for freshmen to help educate the new students on the various social, emotional, and mental health issues that can arise freshman year, and to help orient students to campus resources. I brought this enthusiasm for campus life into my home life, serving as a Resident Coordinator in Family Housing, meeting many wonderful families and students from various fields and disciplines.

Perhaps what I am most grateful for is how UCSB helped direct me onto my future career path. Teaching my own courses and working with so many motivated and bright students solidified my desire to remain in academia. Following graduation I will begin a tenure-track position—my dream job! As I think about leaving UCSB, I feel excited and ready for this next step, thanks to all the influential people and experiences I had here.




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