Freshman Year Flashback

Monday, May 19, 2014 - 12:00


Daisy Gomez

Daisy Gomez, UC Santa Barbara Class of 2014

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Andrea Vargas

By Daisy Gomez
UC Santa Barbara Class of 2014
Sociology & Chicano Studies Major, Applied Psychology & Italian Minor

Life at UCSB has flown by faster than expected. It has been an overwhelming roller-coaster ride, but nonetheless a great experience. Coming here was a tough decision. The adjustment to college and my new life caused me to fall into depression after my first quarter. Looking back now I have come to realize what got me through to where I am now are the bonds that I have created. What many students don't realize is that a great part of the college experience is not only enhancing your academic knowledge, but building networks and creating bonds with people that will get you through your toughest and best times as well.

My freshman year on the 8th floor of San Miguel Hall became my true home away from home. Living on the Latino Scholars floor gave me my small UCSB family, a family where I met some of my current best friends. It is through networks such as this that I was able to find the support needed to get through my depression, and find the drive to take on new challenges. From this grew a determination to take on as many goals as I set myself to. Forwarding to the now, I am proud of all my accomplishments: my involvement in multiple organizations, my jobs, my success in not receiving a biking ticket (yet), maneuvering the bike paths. But above all I am grateful for the friendships and memories I have fostered here. I have come to learn that you honestly can do it all as long as you have the right support and a positive attitude, while always remembering that happiness and health come above all. Now as graduation approaches, I am more than excited to close this chapter of my life, because the best is yet to come.  UCSB has prepared me greatly and shown me I can do what I set myself to. As the days left to graduation slowly decrease, my appreciation for this campus increases. I am lucky to have come here and I am lucky to be a Gaucho. With that, I'd like to congratulate the Class of 2014 and remind my fellow seniors to take it one day at a time. Everything will be okay and life will play out the way it needs to. Don't worry now, just enjoy the time we have left in this paradise we call school.

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