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A Campus That Cares

Friday, May 12, 2017 - 13:18


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Matt Perko


Language, literacy and composition, oh my! Meet Kyle Crocco, a doctoral student in the Gevirtz School Graduate School of Education with an emphasis on teaching and learning. Kyle came to UC Santa Barbara after earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in history at Penn State and his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in French at the University of Delaware. Before arriving at our beachside campus to pursue his Ph.D., Kyle put his education to work by going into education; he has taught English at the Université de Caen in France, English composition at California State University Fullerton, and business and technical writing at Shenyang Normal University in China.

So what brought this world-traveling East Coast native to UCSB? Besides the breathtaking views and ocean breeze, Kyle realized that the campus culture was part of what made UC Santa Barbara unique. He felt welcomed by the faculty and staff, long before stepping foot on campus. During the complicated process of deciding which university to attend, Kyle reached out to Chuck Bazerman, a professor in the Department of Education. It was Bazerman who encouraged Kyle to apply to UCSB’s education program, reflecting the warm and promising community that makes UCSB such a special place.

Kyle’s research specialization in language, literacy and composition (with an interdisciplinary emphasis in writing studies) provided him with the tools to complete his dissertation. Interested in how different organizations write on multiple channels, he turned to the Office of Admissions to survey how the campus communicated over print, social media and digital writing. While this brief elevator pitch of a dissertation cannot do Kyle’s project justice, his overall goal was to better understand how writing and communication outlets worked to reflect positively on the university's brand and image.

With his dissertation and Ph.D. journey coming to an end, Kyle looks to the future with great optimism. He hopes to pursue a career in content production or marketing, looking for a place to put his creativity and writing skills to work. In addition to having published two novels, Kyle writes songs and plays at open mic nights in Santa Barbara as a creative outlet. While he plans to remain in Santa Barbara after graduation, he admits he will miss the fifth floor of the Lot 22 parking structure. Why the parking structure, you ask? From the campus lagoon to the Channel Islands, it’s quite a view.

Written by Miranda Chan